Code of Practice

Table of contents

1. Contact with yourtel Limited
1.1 How to contact yourtel Ltd
1.2 Updates from yourtel Ltd
2. Our main service
2.1 Our main service at a glance
2.2 Maintenance services
2.3 Emergency service
3. Sales and marketing activities
3.1. Sales and marketing activities
3.2. Sales training
3.3. NDD
4. Billing concerns
4.1. Miscellaneous
4.2. Billing accuracy
4.3. Disconnection policy
4.4. Reimbursement of payments
5. Complaint procedures
5.1. Receiving a complaint
5.2. Investigation of your complaint
5.3. Notification of resolution
5.4. Internal escalation
5.5. Compensation
6. Helpful organizations

1. Contact with yourtel Limited

1.1 How to contact yourtel Ltd.
The entire yourtel team is looking forward to make contact with you. You can contact us:
1.1.1 By phone: Call 01 - 9036 - 056. Our hotline is open Monday till Friday from 8:30
AM to 6:00 PM.
1.1.2 By email: Write to: We are aiming to issue a written reply within
14 days of receipt of your email.
1.1.3 By fax: Send us a fax to our number 01 - 6968 - 384. We are aiming to issue a written reply within 14 days of receipt of your message.
1.1.4 By writing: Send your writing to the address
yourtel Limited
Block 4
Harcourt Centre, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2
1.1.5 On all queries, please make sure to include your customer number. State precisely the reason for your message. If it is a complaint, write complaint as subject line. If you refer to any documents (such as a faulty bill) make sure to include a scan. We are aiming to issue a written reply within 14 days of receipt of your query.
1.2 Updates from yourtel
You can receive updates from yourtel either by looking at our webpage It will always feature the latest news and updates on our products. Special promotional items or offers will be shown there. Or else, you can contact our hotline and ask for new information. yourtel will be glad to pass on any news to you. This will include information about changes in products or any service fees that may change.

2. Our service

2.1. Our service at a glance
2.1.1. yourtel provides a service that allows you to make telephone calls with yourtel Limited as your service provider. yourtel enables the service using carrier pre- selection (CPS). CPS allows for pre-selecting yourtel Limited as an alternative to your previous provider for certain kinds of calls, such as fixed line calls, mobile phone calls and international calls. You will be billed directly by yourtel (see also part 4) without the need to dial any codes before each call or have a new router box connected to your line.
2.1.2 Your telephone number does not have to be ported or altered in any way. When choosing yourtel as your desired telephone service provider, your number will simply remain as it is. There are no charges involved in keeping your phone number.
2.1.3 Limits of access to networks - all yourtel customers have equal access to the
yourtel network. Refer to yourtel Ltd’s Terms & Conditions part 7 for more information.
2.1.4 Changes in service - yourtel reserves the right to amend, change or substitute
Terms and Conditions of its service at any time. Any such change, amendment or substitution shall be posted on our website at The most up to date
version of the Code of Practice / Terms & Conditions will apply to your use of the
services. Please make sure to regularly check our website for updates.
2.2. Maintenance
2.2.1 yourtel does not install any equipment. Contact the appropriate provider if there are any questions.
2.2.2 yourtel does not provide any equipment that requires repairs. Please contact the appropriate provider if there are any concerns to be solved.
2.2.3 In case of any other technical related issues, contact yourtel as outlined in part
1. yourtel strives to deal with all requests as quickly as possible.
2.3 Emergency service
The usage of the emergency numbers over the yourtel Ltd network will be easy and free of charge. You can access the single European emergency call number 112 or the older 999 number at any time.

3. Sales and marketing activities

3.1. Sales and marketing activities
3.1.1 yourtel is a young and innovative telephone service provider for consumers in the Republic of Ireland. Customers generally join yourtel through consumer marketing over the telephone or internet.
3.1.2. We are committed to giving outstanding service, which includes our sales and marketing activities. It is essential that our customers understand the services offered and the contract they are making.
3.1.3 yourtel keeps to an official Code of Practice, including advertising and consumer-protection regulations. This includes particularly telephone preference service with the NDD register.
3.1.4 Our sales activities comply with the Irish code for telephone marketing. We
always aim to ensure that our marketing is clear, accurate and fair and that it does not contain any false or misleading information about price, value or service.
3.2 Sales activity
3.2.1 All sales activity is carried out in a way, that quality and all applicable regulation is obeyed. yourtel also requires the yourtel NoGo document to be obeyed. The document sums up all relevant information on what is not to be done in sales. It is specifically prohibited to make any false or misleading statement.
3.2.2 All sales channels are guided by a strict quality management control, which involves a multiple step process. After each sale, the customer receives a quality call
to verify the order and the details provided. All sales activity is monitored. yourtel
makes use of an independent Third Party Verification (TPV). The order will only be processed and a contract will be established after the TPV control.
3.3. NDD
3.3.1 Options with National Directory Database (N.D.D.) - In one function, the National Directory operates as a type of telemarketing opt-out register. Below is a breakdown of the different options that are available in the National Directory Database for subscribers. Opt-out: In accordance with Data Protection legislation, consumers have a right to opt- out of receiving unsolicited/telemarketing calls from third parties. Ex directory: This gives you the right to exclude your telephone number from
the telephone book and from any directory enquiries Listed: This enables you to have your telephone number listed in the directory and thus available through directory enquiries Unlisted: This gives you the option to exclude your telephone number from
the phone book and makes your telephone number available to directory enquiries
3.3.2 Please note that only customers who have their telephone number listed in the telephone book or with directory enquiries can opt out of unsolicited cold calling. Ex directory customers cannot opt out of unsolicited calls by way of the National Directory Database.
3.3.3 If you want to opt out of direct marketing, please contact eircom directly. Name and subject line of your message should be "NDD". Eircom will then pass on the request to the NDD, where your preference will be entered accordingly.

4. Billing concerns

4.1. Miscellaneous
4.1.1 yourtel will provide a monthly bill to its customers, which usually has to be paid within 7 days of the bill date.
4.1.2 yourtel offers the following payment methods:
(I) By Direct Debit: Call yourtel on 01-9036-056 to set it up.
(II) At any Post Office – you can pay there by cash, credit card or cheque. (III) At any Post Point outlet
(IV) At any Bank of Ireland 365 machine. Be sure to include your customer
reference number.
(V) Online or bank transfer
(VI) By telephone banking: Contact your bank for more information. (VII) Please do not send cash, cheques or postal orders to our office.
4.1.3 yourtel will ask you during the account set up process, whether you want to have your bill in paper or electronic format. You have the option to choose between both of those methods.
4.2. Billing accuracy
4.2.1 yourtel takes correctness of billing very seriously. If there is anything on your bill you do not understand or you disagree with, please contact our customer service as outlined in part 1 of this document.
4.2.2 You are required to pay for all call traffic that you make over our networks. Any free minute packages or other promotional items you may have will be considered towards your bill. yourtel will check your bill when you lodge a complaint. If a mistake is found, we will act according to point 4.4 of this Code of Practice.
4.2.3 If your message to yourtel refers to a bill of another authorized operator, be sure to include a scan of this bill in your message. Also read part 5 for more information.
4.3. Disconnection policy
4.3.1 The yourtel customer Terms and Conditions state that yourtel must receive payment for its services on or before the payment due date indicated on the bill. There are usually 7 days between the bill date and payment date. yourtel may restrict the customer’s ability to make phone calls if the payment is received after the payment date.
4.3.2 Before restricting or disconnecting a customer’s service, reasonable efforts will be made to contact the customer and inform them of the outstanding payment. Before disconnecting or terminating services, the customers will be sent a disconnecting notice of the outstanding balance including the payment methods available in order to avoid disconnection. yourtel will also name a date on which the service will be terminated.
4.3.3 Should your line be disconnected, emergency services such as 112 or 999 will be available unless these services have been restricted from another provider.
4.3.4 yourtel will continue efforts to collect this outstanding amount after services
have been terminated. This may include the usage of a collection agency.
4.4. Reimbursement of payments
Reimbursements for payments may be requested in writing or by speaking with a service agent. In the event of a billing error and after a
customer’s request for reimbursement has been approved, a reimbursement matching the amount of the billing error will be provided as a credit note on the following bill.

5. Complaint procedures

5.1. Receiving a complaint
5.1.1 Please note, the subject line of the email/letter/fax must include the word
5.1.2 As indicated in part 1, yourtel customers have four ways to contact us in order to make a complaint. They are again summarized below:
By Telephone: 01-9036-056
Via Email:
By Fax: 01 6968 384
By Post: yourtel Ltd., Block 4, Harcourt Centre, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2
5.2. Investigation of your complaint
yourtel will evaluate the need for an investigation. If an investigation is needed, yourtel will indicate the amount of time required to complete such investigation.
yourtel aims for the investigation to be finished within 14 business days or less depending on the nature of the complaint.
5.3. Notification of resolution
yourtel aims to notify the customer of the resolution of the complaint within 14 days in writing. Please note, that yourtel will only communicate in writing. Thank you for your understanding.
5.4. Internal escalation
5.4.1 Any customer that is not satisfied with the handling of their complaint may request in writing the escalation of their complaint to the customer service manager. If a member of yourtel customer care team cannot resolve a complaint, the problem will be elevated and handled by our customer service manager.
5.4.2 Please include the following information in all your requests: (I) yourtel customer number
(II) Name of the account holder
5.5. Compensation
Apart from where Point 4.4 is applicable, yourtel does not offer any compensation to its customers.

6. Helpful organizations

Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs (ODCA)
4 Harcourt Road, Dublin 2, Ireland, Dublin 1
Tel: 01 402 5500
Fax: 01 402 5501
Advertising Standards Authority
IPC House, 35/39 Shelburne Road, Dublin 4
Tel: 01 6608766
Fax: 01 6608113
Commission for Communications Regulation
Abbey Court, Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1
Tel: 1890 229 668
Fax: 01 804 9680